Calling BAS, BMS, Building Controls & IoT Specialists

XINCA is your online convenient store to order building control products, supporting your project deployment of smart buildings and HVAC controls. HVAC Controls IoT Supplies Convenient Store Online


Our team has decades of industry experience in supplying and commissioning a diverse array of building control products. XINCA is more than just a trading business. We know what we are selling, and can help you pick the best-fit products and solutions.

HVAC Controls

Our inventory includes both air-side and water-side equipment and instruments, and the parts to make them working efficiently.


We supply BACnet and Modbus gateways and controllers to connect with a much wider selection of end devices from LoRaWAN, NB-IoT & as such. HVAC Controls IoT Supplies Convenient Store Online

We are specialized in supplying facility IoT solutions on air quality managment, microclimate management, & indoor+outdoor asset geolocation.

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